Startline is a comprehensive range of ancillary products supporting the Automotive Bodyshop & Paintshop market. Each product is thoroughly tested on its benefit to the customer by being assessed on delivering product performance and process improvement.

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What are your priorities when choosing paint related products? If you are like most people, you will be looking for products you can rely on to get everyday jobs done with straightforward, no fuss efficiency and you will want to get them at a cost effective price.

These, and many more benefits, are at the very core of what the Startline brand is all about!

The ideal solution for surface preparation and paint refinishing products.

Our exclusive product range offers both performance and processes that deliver clear benefits to the user through product performance longevity and productivity increases using the latest material technologies available.

The comprehensive range covers all aspects of the modern repair process, be it in any Bodyshop or Paintshop as well as the Mobile and SMART repair environments. The range of products covers abrasives, sealers and masking right though to compounds, glaze and high performance polishing cloths. Put simply, the Startline product range delivers premium performance from start to finish.

The Startline team will continue to look for the world’s best technology continuously adding new and innovative products to strengthen and build our brand.